Kerri McKay is now accepting commissions of portraits and landscapes featuring your favorite locations. Her painting projects of late include Irish landscapes, Long Island landscapes and beach scenes, views of the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany in Italy, and portraits. A noteworthy accomplishment, she recently created a large watercolor of New York City's High Bridge across the Harlem River that was printed and installed as a permanent 1800 square foot mural in the New York Public Library's High Bridge Branch.

Teaching Art
Kerri is attending graduate school at Queens College and will be New York State certified to teach this May 2011. She holds a 4.0 average and will spend this spring fulfilling her student teaching requirements at two local schools. She is available for hire as a teacher in June 2011 and is looking to discuss career opportunities with art chairpersons, principals and superintendents.

Landscapes and Portraits
Kerri has traveled through many countries in Europe, painting diversified locations such as Mediterranean beaches, her family's farm in Ireland, Swiss Alpine valleys, and a medieval fortress in France. In New York, Kerri has taken her easel throughout New York City and to beautiful sites on Long Island's east end. Her portrait work demonstrates her motivation to portray sitters as honestly and realistically as possible while creating a flattering representation of each unique face and figure. This type of work involves an infinite amount of personal choices as each piece develops, and while it is the most challenging subject matter, it is also the most satisfying to complete successfully.

If you wish to commission her to do a painting of a specific scene of Ireland, Long Island, or elsewhere, please contact her via email to make arrangements.