Bayside Historical Society, 01/18

Annual Exhibit 2018

Featuring two of my paintings: Calla Lilies and Snapdragons (Oil on canvas) and The Art of Conversation (Watercolor)


Malverne Art Walk

Artist Statement (9th Paragraph Above), click for link


The New York Times, 10/10/04

Canvassing Riverhead Painting Event

Members of the East End Arts Council painted in different locations on the North Fork of Long Island one day and spectators were given a map to be able to see the work in progress. That evening, the work was celebrated with a reception and auction.


Artist In Residence Program, Illinois

June 2001

Ten artists, including my self, were invited to this residency program wherein we each stayed with a different farm family and met at different locations throughout the week to paint landscapes. The week included painting on location at farms and parks, education about farm life, and art exhibits. The program is called The Fields Project.